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If you are looking for an exotic and often shocking memoir of how a naive young North American girl meets a darkly handsome Arab Algerian moslem man and falls in love, you are in the right place.

It has taken me forty years to get this tale of a six-year marriage into print and there were times I thought it might never happen. What really pushed the project forward was the recent Arab Spring. I realized I still had a timely story to tell, even if my story happened in the 1960s.

I hope this many layered book will help to bring an understanding of how other people live in this world: how different we are from those around us and yet how similar are our hopes and dreams. I hope Bend Like the Willow will, in some small way, provide an opportunity to peer into the faces of people of different faiths and traditions without judgment, and with more understanding.

This is my first attempt at writing for publication, though I have spent a lifetime journalling, writing technical papers, manuals, cookbooks and poetry.

Please use this site to learn about me, to read a whole chapter of my memoir, and to add your comments to my blog. Of course, I would also be so thrilled if you buy my book.

Our first big Edmonton launch date was November 23, 2012 from 7 – 9 at the new digs of PageMaster Publication Services 11434 120St. NW.  It went extremely well and people seemed to really enjoy the homemade baklava.  Go to my blog for more hints of whats to come, and more comments.

Bend Like the Willow is now available. 

Susan Glasier


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