Happy Easter

Now that we are nearly into April and the bad weather SHOULD be gone, perhaps I will have the ambition to go out and do some more book pushing.  I have 4 new gigs, one at a womans group in Red Deer and three at various book clubs in Edmonton.  The Innisfail Library has also been in touch so am in the throws of making arrangements for an event there.  Bend Like the Willow is still selling at a slow steady pace so that is hopeful.  Support and wonderful comments appear on my e-mail weekly and that keeps me going.  Until next time…hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the good weather in Alberta….

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  1. Jean Crozier

    Susan, I read your book recently, and am in awe of the experiences you described, and that you lived through!!! — and that you have been able to pick up the pieces and put yourself back together, then write about it.

    Your book is a really interesting read.

    I would also like to contact you directly — please message me at the above email address. Best regards, J.

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