Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I am happy to report that Bend Like the Willow is now available from a new little bookstore in Olds, Alberta.  Its called Pandora’s Boox and Tea.  Its an amazing little place…If you are in the area be sure to check it out.  Looking forward to my next bookclub gig.  This one will be in Carstairs, Alberta.  Still so grateful for the chance to make contact with people throughout Alberta.  Well, keep in touch and keep reading.  I am hoping to start my next book soon.  Stay tuned.  Have a great 2014.


  1. Lise Pomerleau-Mayne

    Hi Susan. We met at your book club meeting in Red Deer last year when you were reading Becoming Sand. I purchased your book Bend Like the Willow At Sunworks and finally got a chance to finish reading it. What a difficult book it must have been to write, but nothing compared to living it. I am so glad that you had the courage to recount your history, for the benefit of your children and then the wider world. Many of your early experiences reflect my own, as a naive young girl. How little we knew about men, relationships, raising children, everything. No one warned us about so many things. I wonder if we would have listened, in any case? I felt so sorry for you throughout much of the story, especially how shut down you were by your husband and the culture itself. I think writing this book finally gave you a voice.

    I sold out of all my books and am not printing more. Self-publishing was a great learning experience for me, but not something I want to pursue. I am writing a second book, and will see how things go in terms of finding a publisher.

    All the best to you, and hope you are still writing your second book. I find the process rewarding in itself, especially the research. Keeps the “little grey cells” active!


    PS Say hi from me to all the ladies next time you meet.

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