BOOK CLUBS, I love you

I spent yesterday with a wonderful group of women here in Red Deer.  They asked amazing questions and were very welcoming.  Love that even after two years I still get to do these presentations and spend time talking about my book.  Every meeting is different and every meeting teaches me something new.  It is a joy… meeting so many new people.  Well, on to the next one…..hope it is soon.

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  1. Mary Neely

    Dear Susan,

    I organize a book club, Fireside Readers, for the Red Deer Public library and we have just completed our book selections for 2014 – 2015. Each year we have a Skype conference with an author and Bend Like a Willow was our choice for that. Word of your excellent session with the Red Deer book club has spread and we would love to have you meet or Skype with us.

    We meet the third Wednesday of every month from 6:30 – 8:00 in our downtown library. Would you be willing to meet with us?
    Our September book has been chosen, but any other month would work for us – I don’t complete the schedule until the conference with the author has been set.

    Thanks for considering our request.

    Mary Neely

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