Its August already.  I thought Bend Like the Willow sales would slow considerably but they continue ….Thanks, I appreciate the support.  I am still getting offers to speak from book clubs and libraries so I am more than grateful for the continuing support.  I intend to do some updating on the book itself, so stay tuned for that event.  Perhaps its time to push it further with a new cover and some further editing and more advertising.  I shall see how much energy I have by the fall.  I am also working on my next book which will take a lot of research.  Anyway, onward…before we know it, summer will be over and then we will all get to work on new endeavours.

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  1. Elaine

    Hi, Sue,
    It’s good to visit your site again. This morning, I discovered that the link to your site from mine wasn’t connecting. I’ve fixed the glitch.

    I’m glad to hear that your book is doing so well. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been writing lately. {Hint, hint)


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