Just want to wish everyone the merriest Christmas ever and the happiest of New Years…Bend Like the Willow is still selling and I still have bookclub gigs to attend.  Its a lot slower than last year at this time but thats okay and to be expected.  I still appreciate everyone that still contacts me about the book.  It is still available from Page Master in Edmonton or from me directly.  You can also buy it at Sunworks in Red Deer.  If you live in Olds just e-mail me through this website and I will let you know where you can get a copy there.  A new bookstore just opened in Olds and I am making arrangements with them to sell my book as well.  So until next time, have a great holiday.


Had a look at Amazon today and Bend Like the Willow is still available on…but not on  It is also still available from PageMaster in Edmonton,   Sunworks in Red Deer and from me directly.  Just e-mail me through the e-mail on this web page and I will direct you the best way to obtain a copy.  I am still attending bookclubs and making presentations so if anyone out there is interested, I am still available to do that.  Thanks to all for the continued support.


Well it was an eventful September with groups of interesting women and men so supportive of Bend Like the Willow.  Can’t believe it is still going so well.  The Penhold Library Culture Days Wine and Cheese was amazing.  You can catch a glimpse of what it was like on my YOU-Tube video D609FlPv4 .  Hoping for some more activities before Christmas.  Can’t believe its nearly a year since the book first came out.  A year of many events, lots of sales and meeting so many new and wonderful people.  Cheers til my next blurb….


Just came from a wonderful bookclub event with 15 great women.  They had all read my book and had so many great questions for me.  Love these events as they make me look at my life and ask myself questions I wouldn’t always confront.  Thanks to all who attended.  It felt like a comfortable evening with great friends in conversation.  The next book club event is on September 23.  I look forward to them all.  I am also speaking at the Penhold Library on Sept 27.  They are having a cultural event.  I have to do a presentation for that one.  If someone would like a book you can contact me directly if you are local or if outside of Alberta, contact Pagemaster.  Some of the women at the last event have requested pictures of the various characters in my life so as soon as I can figure out how to post them I will.


Well, it’s been a very quiet summer in many ways.  I took a much needed rest for most of July and filled it with everything NOT book related.  I think September will be the month to get back with more work to get the book out there some more.  I have three September gigs coming up, mostly bookclubs and I am looking forward to them all.  I always find out a lot about myself from these events.  Hoping to have another reading and signing in September as well, probably at the Innisfail Library but it isn’t finalized yet.  Guess the time has come to start planning the fall.  Have a great rest of August and keep reading.

Bookclubs are Keeping Me Busy

Having such a good time meeting with bookclubs to discuss the ins and outs of Bend Like the Willow.  Love all the wonderful people involved who are so interested and keen.  Some analyze the book and come up with stuff I have never thought of.  Then there is all the wonderful food….That can be dangerous but awesome.  Anyway, no more gigs until September as I shall be relaxing and beginning another book….adventure.  Hope everyone stays well and has a great summer.


Just an update on events.  I will be doing an appearance at a book club on Thursday night in Edmonton.  I really love doing these gigs.  Folks buy my book a few months ahead of time and then I appear to join in the discussion.  I even learn alot about my book.  This is my forth one of these.  I also have three more booked for September.  I was surprised to talk to a librarian recently who informed me that all the little towns around Red Deer have ordered copies for their stacks.  That is a nice feeling.  Anyway, thanks to all who keep supporting me.  I am beginning to write another book…stay tuned for my progress on that.  Bend Like the Willow only took 40 years.  Hope the next one takes less….


Well May has been so busy and so informative.  Am enjoying visiting bookclubs and listening to groups that have read Bend Like the Willow.  Its interesting to hear people talk about what they got out of it and the questions they come up with.  It is great to revisit the various chapters…and discover new things every time.  It is really an honour everytime I get invited to one of these.  I have two events in June and three in September.  Had a great time at the 3D Conference in Edmonton last weekend.  It was an outstanding event geared for publishers, writers and editors.  It included the Alberta Literary Awards on the Saturday night.  Congrats to all the deserving winners.  I was particularly happy that Fran Kimmell won the big Readers Choice Award for her novel, Shore Girl….Good work Fran.  I also enjoyed the various sessions with publishers, editors, agents and authors at this conference.  I even bought a table and sold books at their market place.  I also had a wonderful experience talking to an ELLA group at the University of Alberta in early May.  I talked about how I got my book out there and how I market it and the students all asked awesome questions.  So happy to accept these invitations.   As an update on books…I am about ready to have some more run as I am still selling.  Thanks to all who have been so supportive.  This is still a wonderful and joyous experience.


Seem to be having a lot of events….bookclubs, speaking to writing classes, women’s groups.  So grateful that Bend Like the Willow is getting out there.  I even had a signing in a little bookstore in GrandForks North Dakota last week.  It was nice to go somewhere different.   My next public event is at the Innisfail Library on June 18, at 6:30 p.m.  Would be nice if lots of folks show up….This project continues to be fun and I am enjoying everything about it.


Have lots of happy news these days.  I am still getting such a good response for Bend Like the Willow-Tale of an Arab Promise.  It seems  as time passes and more people find out about it, I am getting more requests for appearances and information.  The support is growing and so appreciated.  I have four more bookclubs to attend in the next two months.  I will also be doing a reading in Grandforks, North Dakota at the end of the month and I have set a tentative date for a presentation and signing at the Innisfail Public Library on June 18 at 6:30 pm.  Am just waiting confirmation on that date.  I will also have a table at the 3D writers and publishers conference in Edmonton on May 25, 2013.  Again, appreciate all the comments I am receiving by e-mail and the orders for books….Until Next Time….TaTa and Bend Like the Willow only when you have to……Sue